Experience Transylvania is a tour company with the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We have an operational office in Sibiu, Transylvania. Our service-minded tour directors have been welcoming travelers from all over the world since 2004. Our founders and our knowledgeable local guides are all Transylvanians. We have the privilege to collaborate with one of Transylvania's most enthusiastic ambassadors, best-selling author Dacre Stoker, great grand-nephew of novelist Bram Stoker.
Join us on an adventure to magic Transylvania!


grand tour # 11 days
Price: from 2200 €/pers (excl flight)


Dates: 12-22 June 2023

Dracula's Transylvania with Dacre Stoker - Grand Tour Program

We are honored to have the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker, as a guest lecturer on an adventure through the Carpathian Mountains, in search of the real location of the fictional Castle Dracula. We pass by Bran Castle, as well as other places related to historical and fictional figures connected to the popular gothic novel. We discover the genuine aura of Transylvanian culture, beyond myth and stereotypes.

Essential # 7 days
Price: from 2600 €/pers (excl flight)


Dates: 25-31 May 2023

Literary tour with Dacre Stoker: England & Scotland

Join Bram Stoker's great-grand-nephew Dacre Stoker & Transylvanian tour manager Nora Vintila for the 125th anniversary of the publication of the novel "DRACULA!". Over the course of this trip, we will visit the locations that played a large role in Bram’s life, his research and writing of Dracula: Whitby, England and Cruden Bay, Scotland. We also explore Edinburgh and Glasgow. Absorb the atmosphere, learn the history and enjoy the journey in Bram Stoker's footsteps.

peace of mind # 6 days
Price: from 1600 €/pers (excl flight)


Dates: (preliminary): April-October 2022

Transylvania Peace of Mind

Relax and rediscover nature and history in the quiet German-Saxon town Sebes, or Mülbach as it was called in the Medieval times. Close to this quaint little town, there are exciting hiking routes, the natural park of the Red Ravine, called by many "The Grand Canyon of Transylvania". A bit more than one hours'drive from here, you find the deepest salt mine in Europe, 1 km under ground level. Vineyards, colorful cozy streets and majestic cliffs make your stay both exciting and relaxing.

truffle hunt # 4 days
Price: 900 €/pers (excl flight)


Dates (preliminary): March-November 2023

Truffle Hunt in Transylvania

Immerse yourself into nature, while enjoying the exciting search for the "black diamonds" of the forest. Following skillful local truffle hunters and their friendly yet determined specialist dogs, dive into this thrilling nature experience that brings you a big breath of fresh air, along with some really tasty trophies. At the end of a fruitful hunt, everybody will enjoy the culinary delight of this unique adventure. Nothing tastes better than a truffle meal made during a fun cooking class, with fresh ingredients.

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Most Popular Tour

- 11/12 DAYS -

We are honored to have the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker, as a guest lecturer on an adventure through the Carpathian Mountains, in search of the real location of the fictional Castle Dracula. We pass by Bran Castle, as well as other places related to historical and fictional figures connected to Bram Stoker's novel. We discover the genuine aura of Transylvanian culture. Your local tour leader and certified Transylvania guide is Nora Vintila and your Dracula expert on tour is Dacre Stoker himself. The tour program varies from year to year. The program below is a sample program. For the specific program for next tour departure, please click the links bellow.

Nora meets you at the airport. After a relax & wine afternoon, Dacre introduces you to how his uncle wrote the novel Dracula.


Visit Bucharest’s old town, uncovering secrets from the communist dictatorship. Head towards the Carpathians.


Hike up to the Poienari Fortress, drive on the impressive road of the Transfagarasan and arrive to Sibiu later this evening.


After shopping and strolling around in charming Sibiu, we depart for Sighisoara. But not before we stop by in one of the colorful Saxon villages.


Some free time in Sighisoara. Later we head towards the region of the Borgo Pass and stop for a wine tasting in the idyllic highlands.


Start your day with a morning dip in the fresh mountain lake! Later on, we taste a variety of local cheese at a shepherd's farm.


Hiking day! We head towards the extinct volcano site of the mountain top where Bram Stoker placed Dracula’s fictional castle.


A local blacksmith visit, a Transylvanian beer tasting and a renaissance dinner at a Szekely manor, to the sound of live music.


Meet Katharina Siegel, Vlad Dracula’s mistress, in the quaint town of Brasov or Kronstadt as it's called by the German locals.


Picnic in the Carpathians, rosé wine and pine bark cheese. Candlelit dinner with a Victorian touch, on Bran Castle's premises.


A view of royal Peles Castle and a visit to Snagov Monastery, alleged burial site of Vlad Dracula. Romanian dances for dinner.


Your local guide Nora Vintila and your Dracula-host Dacre Stoker say "LA REVEDERE"! and see you off to the airport.

Price Price: from 2200 €/pers (excl flight)
Calendar Duration: 11 or 12 days
Group Group: 10-15 pers (for larger groups, please email us)



126 years "2022 is a very special year", says Dacre Stoker, great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, the novelist who created Count Dracula and placed Transylvania on almost everybody's bucketlist destination. Indeed a special year, as we celebrate 125 years since the novel DRACULA was published. May 26th 1897 is the date that all Dracula fans know, as that's when one of the most popular books in history broke into print. Together with Dacre Stoker, the travel desginers at Experience Transylvania are happy to present the 125 Years of Dracula Tour Trilogy, extended throughout the 2022 travel season. These tours will then continue even after the anniversary year, so don't worry if you don't make it to all the 3 destination during 2022.
The tour trilogy consists of:
- 126 Years of Dracula: England & Scotland
- Dracula's Transylvania: Romania
- Bram Stoker's Irish Years: Dublin & Sligo
Pick your favourite "126 years of Dracula Trilogy" destination! Will it be Great Britain, Romania or Ireland?
If you book 2 or 3 of the destinations above for the coming two years, you will receive a 25 € discount/tour starting with the second booking. You will be able to use this discount for any of the Dracula-themed tours during the coming two years as well.

Online experience

Join us for an online experience on Airbnb! A quick virtual visit to Transylvania, spiced up with details about the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker, gives you the best overview of this fantastic destination. Your hosts are Dacre Stoker, Nora Vintila and Gloria Andersson. Book and pay in a smooth and safe way, directly on


Our local guides are just a chat away from creating your most genuine travel experience, in Europe's most mysterious, yet most welcoming place. We are a family business based in Transylvania. We've been designing unforgettable travel experiences for guests from all over the world since 2004.

Quick facts

Transylvania is a province that stretches across central and western Romania. The name originally comes from Latin and means "the land beyond the forest". Today, Transylvania is marked by mystery, much thanks to the myth and legend created around Dracula. In reality, Transylvania is a region full of history and culture, where man and nature live together in a unique symbiosis. You will find out many more fascinating details and stories once you get here, but for now, here are some good-to-know details.


Transylvania, like most of Romania, has a temperate continental climate. Spring-summer temperatures 20-30° C. There is something fun to do in all seasons (hike or experience small towns in spring & fall, water resorts in summer, ski in winter).


Romanian is the official language. Some minority languages: Hungarian and German. As a visitor, you can manage easily if you speak English, German, Italian, Spanish or French. Romanians are friendly and helpful, just ask for directions.


1 EUR = 4.9 RON (Leu/Lei)
Romania’s currency is RON (Lei). You cannot shop with € here, except for at the airport and in a few other particular cases. ATM's are easy to find, credit card accepted in most shops, restaurants, hotels and museums.


Romania is part of the EU, but not part of Schengen. A valid passport is required for all overseas/ non-EU visitors. EU citizens can enter with a valid passport or with a national ID card. Consult us for questions regarding necessary travel documents.

More about Romania

Location: Eastern Europe
Time zone: Bucharest time (EEST, UTC + 3)
EU member since 2007
Major cities in Romania: Bucharest (capital), Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi
Feel free to call us if you are in the area and need help with guided tours or other guest services. You can reach us by phone or WhatsApp. Call now!


Safe travels

The team at Experience Transylvania wants to ensure all travelers' comfort during a tour with us.
Our local guides are trained in safety matters, for your comfort.
There are still questions being asked regarding covid-19 safety, and we do our best to aswer them, complying with international and local best practice.
Travel regulations end entry requierements for all countries are constantly updating. For now, there are no covid-19 or other special entry regulations in place for any of our destinations, other than the usual ones. Be aware that this can change rapidly. Updates regarding specific destinations will be personally sent to each traveler.
In order to ensure all travelers' safety, ease and comfort while traveling, we recommend all tour members to be vaccinated against possible international and local diseases specific to each destination. During the tours, we highly value hygiene practices and we may be asked to wear face masks at certain points to avoid spreading any virus.
Check with your local vaccination provider and with your doctor in advance, to make sure you are on the safe side. Please be aware that regulations can change, especially in regards of the post-covid situation, and you may be required to present a covid-vaccination certificate or a negative covid-test upon entry to one of our destinations or upon return to your country of origin. In this case, you must be prepared to comply with these regulations, as we cannot refund your trip or parts of it, nor can we pay for extra days in case you need to be quaranteened.
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Climate compensation

stamps stamps stamps Experience Transylvania supports The Perfect World Foundation. You can choose to climate compensate your flight when booking a tour with us. All climate compensation donations go to the Attenborough Forest.
The Perfect World Foundation’s global tree planting project “Attenborough Forest” focuses on planting trees to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere… but tree planting also has other positive effects.
Healthy forests improve air and water quality, provide wildlife habitats, stabilize soils, reduce desertification and create better conditions for biodiversity.

Giving back

During the many tours we organized in Transylvania and elsewhere, we've realized that the success of our programs would be impossible without the hospitality of the locals. Transylvanians, and Romanians in general, are among the friendliest and most welcoming people. Thanks to them, our guests felt at home and took with them fantastic memories, memories for life. So we decided to give back to the local communities, and help them grow and develop, to never lose this wonderful generous spirit that defines them. We support the organization Meschendorfs Kinder, helping in the education and economic situation of children's families in the Saxon village of Meschendorf in Central Transylvania. Monthly, we donate an amount of our income to support after school projects, whilst we contribute with our knowledge and material support gathering and donating clothes, toys and other items necessary for a normal, happy everyday life.

Meschendorfs Kinder

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