Our Team

Our local guides are just a chat away from creating your most genuine travel experience, in Europe's most mysterious, yet most welcoming place. We are a family business based in Transylvania. We've been designing unforgettable travel experiences for guests from all over the world since 2004.


Gloria Andersson

CEO & Founder

Our Transylvanian born and raised travel professional, CEO of the travel agency Experience Transylvania since 2012. Living in Sweden for half the year and in Transylvania for the other half, you could say her life is similar to the life of the iconic storks living in the picturesque nests that decorate almost every Transylvanian village. Since 2004 she's been a tour leader in Central and Eastern Europe, with a focus on her home country, Romania. Gloria designs our tours in a service-minded way, aiming for the most genuine experiences.


Dacre Stoker


Our go-to person when it comes to anything related to Dracula. Dacre is the great-grand-nephew of the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker. As the literary genius seems to run in the family, Dacre is a best-selling author of both fictional and non-fictional publications. His research of Bram's notes started 15+ years ago and has revealed many interesting details about the iconic gothic novel. Dacre leads our tours in the footsteps of the fictional figure Count Dracula, based on a thorough study of his uncle's work as a writer.


Nora Vintila


Our language talent and certified local guide in Romania. For Nora, even a walk in the park is almost impossible without her sharing some lesser known facts about the surroundings. An experienced cruise director on European waterways, with a degree in languages such as English, German and Swedish, Nora is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about culture, history gossip, and insider-information. A hike with Nora can end up around the bonfire, with a guitar and a repertoire of joyful songs, over a warm glühwein or a cold beer.