Safe travels in the covid-19 context

In order to ensure all travelers' safety, ease and comfort while traveling, we require all tour members to be fully vaccinated and up to date with booster doses (if eligible), although one may be able to enter many countries without a requirement of a vaccine certificate. We closely follow authorities recommendations in all regards and set the safety and comfort of our guests as the highest priority.

We currently offer tours to two destinations: Romania and the UK. Both destinations are safe for travel. Please see details below for each.

Last update: March 29, 2022, as quoted from the Romania Tourism Authority & the UK Government


What you should know before traveling to Romania

The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting, very mildly, some areas in Romania. There are no other events or situations - such as diseases, distress or unrest - threatening the personal safety or well-being of travelers to Romania.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Like many countries in the world, Romania is now being lightly affected by the Covid-19 situation.
The National Centre for monitoring and control of transmissible diseases
and the local health authorities are monitoring the situation closely.
To prevent the spread of Covid-19, some rules / public health restrictions and recommandations are in effect:

* Wearing a mask when in all indoor spaces and crowded outdoor spaces is recommended.
* Public institutions and business companies can set their own mask wearing requirements.
* Restaurants and entertainment/ recreation facilities will operate at limited capacity as follows:
~ Restaurants and coffee shops - 50% capacity, for indoor and outdoor dining.
~ Peforming arts centres/ movie theatres, fitness facilities and playgrounds - 50% capacity.

Traveling to Romania from abroad:

Visitors and residents arriving to Romania from any country in the world **do not** need to present proof of vaccination (complete scheme) or a negative RT-PCT test.

Note: All visitors will still need to comply with any testing requirements imposed by airlines and/or government of the contry of departure (and transit).

The most up-to-date information concerning border-crossing / entry-requirements and conditions are available from your airline and/or the nearest Consulate of Romania
To get additional info, 'customized' based on your nationality Latest restrictions

Romania is safe and hospitable.

All visitors are welcome!

The local authorities and hospitality industry are eagerly anticipating a strong tourism recovery, in 2022, following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.
The war in Ukraine does not threaten to destabilize Romania and foregin visitors run no risk as a direct consequence of the war, while being on a trip in Romania. Romania is a NATO member since 2004 and an EU member since 2007.
This year, Romania likely to register inflation higher than the EU average, given energy, fuel and food price increases already in the pipeline.

EU Digital COVID Certificates


in Romania, the 'EU Digital COVID Certificate' (EUDCC) can still be required to access public spaces, such as bars and restaurants, museums, swimming pools, large events. Travellers are strongly advised to carry relevant certificates at all times. Please, consult the measures bellow Eu measures


What you should know before traveling to UK

You do NOT need to:
* complete a UK passenger locator form before you travel to England from abroad
* take any COVID-19 tests before you travel or after you arrive
* quarantine when you arrive
This applies whether you are vaccinated or not.
England and Scotland regulations may differ.
Please check the specific requirements here:

Experience Transylvania complies with international standards and practices for safe travel in the context of covid-19. We want our guests to have a safe and smooth travel experience and we will keep you informed on all necessary steps in order to insure your own and your fellow travelers' comfort. Romania, as our main destination, is a member of the European Union, so we recommend that you click here for updated info. Covid-19 info

The team at Experience Transylvania wants to ensure all travelers' comfort during a tour with us.
Travel regulations end entry requierements for all countries are constantly updating. Updates related to you specifically booked tour will be personally sent to each traveler.